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Who am I?

Well, here is my story:

I live in Trier/Germany. But I my real home the world. Impressions, stories and experiences I bring back from my tours led to my style of photography.

I must inherited my passion for photography from my father. Like him, I began with a compact camera until I eventually got myself a SLR. In 2004 I started with the upcoming digital (DSLR) photography.

I started diving in 1993 and had the opportunity to buy an underwater camera and flash from a dive buddy. With that I could gain experience in underwater photography in lakes, in the Atlantik, the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. Since 2005 I do use underwater-housings for my DSLRs and their underwater flashlights.
By coincidence I got into offroading. During a phone call with a long lost friend he told me that we will drive to Latvia to go offroading with his pickup truck. Since he was not having a co-pilot, I asked if I could come along. No problem… and there we were playing in mud and snow for a week with his 4x4 pickup.

Through this tour I got other contacts resulting in more offroad vacations: Romania, Albania, the Alpes, Tunesia, Kyrgyzstan, Oman and even in Southern and Eastern Africa. As I do not have my own 4x4 I am always “just” a co-pilot. But this gives me the opportunity to see more of the country and conserve impressions through photos and travel reports.